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Zhejiang Hongyuan Lamps Co., Ltd.

Solar street lighting, architectural area lights, post top fixtures, LED street lights, light poles

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  • Phone: 0086-574-62563112
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    No. 18 Fengyi Road, Yuyao Economic Development Zon, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Zhejiang Hongyuan Lamps Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of roadway, street and area lighting systems. The company offers a complete suite of performance fixtures in numerous styles and configurations with tiered price points to help meet a variety of project budgets. Hongyuan's flagship lighting products include solar street light fixtures, post top fixtures, architectural area light fixtures, LED street lights, high pressure sodium street lights, and a wide selection of light poles and lamp posts for ornamental and street lighting applications.

Hongyuan's expertise lies in its superior mechanical engineering capabilities which is essentially the core competence for OEM manufacturers of outdoor light fixtures in a price-sensitive market. Hongyuan employs industry-leading engineering practices to produce cost effective, energy efficient and durable fixtures customized to suit any outdoor applications. Hongyuan continuous focus on manufacturing excellence starts with providing value-added product design services. With mechanical perfection in mind, Hongyuan's experienced engineering team provides a complete package of system design solution to help its clients enhance architecture, ensure manufacturability, optimize performance, reduce cost, minimize maintenance and strengthens yield.

From concept to completion, Hongyuan provides a unique combination of engineering expertise and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to produce all major fixture components. The company can develop and manufacture from ground-up complete lighting systems strictly in accordance with industry standards and customer specifications. An array of machinery and tools are provided in-house for all critical manufacturing process, including die casting, sand casting, stamping, bending, forming, blanking, spinning, welding, riveting, laser cutting, punching, coating and finishing.

Hongyuan's ongoing commitment to embracing LED technologies and developing application expertise has built its reputation as a premier lighting manufacturer that builds reliability, stability and efficiency into every fixture it manufactures. Through the years, Hongyuan have stayed true to the philosophy of offering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing on quality, performance, reliability and service.
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